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Digital Photos of my Doberman Annie mostly
Digital Photos of my Doberman Annie flickr version

Interregnum : Mostly Central Ohio Weed Photos, some miscellany
Interregnum : Mostly Central Ohio Weed Photos, flickr version

NEW! Digital Photos of my Doberman Vicki mostly
NEW! Digital Photos of my Doberman Vicki flickr version

Imus clips

Lobster Book Hump (147k) Tony Hendra Complaint (326k) The Baby-Off (529k) Jeffrey Hunt (290k) Breen gone! no it's caught (38k) Travis (336k) Mitch (181k) Travis2 (59k) Shawn Lennon (172k) Scorn (42k) Phil (78k) Chris (175k) Chris2 (164k) Chris3 (147k) Breen alcoholic & Gore (300k) Carr Lawsuit (114k) Carr Lawsuit, day 2 (430k) Carr Lawsuit, week 2 (195k) Greenfield (1046k) Greenfield2 (1448k) Linda (185k) Fred (114k) unintelligible joke (23k) Roadhog on drugs (179k) Professor Goodwin (88k) Breen Mincko's Sports Update (99k) Kinky Friedman Thank You Practice (86k) Go Baby (23k) Driving Tip (32k) Driving Tip2 (90k) Hamburgers (32k) Schule Blues (42k) Wey (48k) Together (59k) Angelou (61k) Taylor3 (78k) Russert (78k) American Woman (82k) Breen3 (116k) Willey (122k) Dylan (141k) Taylor1 (158k) Ranch (158k) Lawyer (204k) Taylor2 (210k) Travis3 (239k) Hog Whittman on Broadway Leather Whips (394k) Hog Whittman Reprise (480k) Hog Whittman (263k) Hog & Rob (477k) Francesa (859k) Clip Collection (2009k) Goldwater 1964 (88k) Clap for the Wolfman (56k) Rant (1262k) Dr. Ron (151k) Paul Simon Capeman Interview 11/17/97 (3.6m, big!) Calvin Trillin (67k) Nixon on Dick Grasso (130k) Chris4 (128k) Katzenberg (151k) Death Threat (76k) Breen CBS Radio Superbowl (63k) King Hussein Funeral Bumper (97k) F-ing Duck (32k) Cronkite Interviews Monica ad lib (51k) Kasich Welcome to Presidential Race (112k) Sen Kennedy Birthday (109k) Princess Di & Dan Rather (32k) Breen Fan Hit (36k) Claire Shipman on Andrew Lack (27k) NYSE Business Report (135k) Ethics (42k) Queers (28k) Queers Report (55k) Mrs Dole Welcome to Presidential Race (237k) Maureen Orph Complicity (244k) Ron Insana Index (86k) Beachboys Kosovo (277k) Bombing Briefing (189k) Nice T- (65k) Kosovo Critic (30k) Chris5 (305k) Clinton Trope (23k) Brokaw on Refugees (32k) Mrs Dole Kosovo Plans (69k) Rattlesnakes (61k) Brian Williams Interview (989k) Sen. Dodd Orphans (25k) Kinky Sensitivity Album (55k) Travis on the Radio 500 miles (69k) Ranch Decorator (79k) Brokaw Bad Connection (28k) County Commissioners' Race (258k) Embassy Apology (95k) Gus Johnson Team (30k) Dowd Greenfield (55k) Dowd Cow (124k) Kaplan NYSE Business Report (284k) Taft (72k) Breen Emotions Running High (183k) Gore Wretched Trope (23k) Priest & Rabbi Polygraph (154k) Dylan Voice Break (27k) Corky Lang Enunciation (78k) Andrea Mitchell Goat Line (21k) Breen Tony Gwynn Impersonator (118k) Breen Longest Question (185k) Patrol Car Battery Ad (35k) Pope Position (63k) Breen Race Card (111k) Harold Visit (32k) Sports Radio (491k) More Sports Radio (126k) Barney Frank Bashing (204k) Goober Wall of Silence (82k) Mike Lin China Pleading (70k) McCord on Dixie Chicks (307k) Roadhog on Merle Haggard (189k) McCord Beside Himself after Tasteless Joke (70k) Welcome to the Marines (59k) Flight 990 Goat (11k) Texas Student Squish (compare John & Ken) (80k) Nose Death (145k) Dixie Chick Trouble1 (240k) Dixie Chick Trouble2 (275k) Dixie Chick Trouble3 (206k) Dixie Chick Trouble4 (19k) Greenfield Operation Tailwrench (674k) Quayle Mind (67k) Rather Trashes Brokaw (105k) Russert Waffle (109k) Dixie Chick Trouble5 (388k) Dixie Chick Trouble6 (42k) Andy Rooney (2210k, big!) Comments on Andy Rooney (214k) Mars Lander (195k) Brokaw Greatest Generation Workout Tips (303k) Brokaw Responds (130k) Cronkite on Mars Lander (189k) Breen Loser's Locker Room (30k) Breen God Speaks to Barkeley (86k) Albright Russian Bug Report (112k) Barbara Walters Romance (70k) Tough Guy Award (44k) Traffic Girl Critique (82k) Sports Rumor (120k) Bank Lending to Black Women (44k) Cecil Collins Injury (40k) Proof of Existence of God (91k) Proof of Nonexistence of God (67k) Angela Spice Girl (168k) Breen Soccer Sports Radio (181k) Tammy Wynette (156k) The Breen Saga 0 (70k) The Breen Saga I (151k) The Breen Saga II (378k) The Breen Saga III Bill from White Plains (227k) Terry Bradshaw Divorce (170k) Breen Final Day Encounter (279k) Breen Final Day Hockey Sports Radio (143k) Breen Final Day McEnroe (603k) Breen Final Day Fred (319k) Breen Final Day Final Cast (212k) Unwavering Support McCain (198k) Unwavering Support McCain II (298k) Unwavering Support Bradley (132k) Breen Farewell to Tewksbury (174k) Capeman (36k) Rob Capeman Suckup (340k) Suit for Wyatt (139k) Russo and Francessa Golf Call (78k) Cokie and Steve Roberts (28k) Brian Lamb Ratings Promo (34k) Brian Lamb Ratings Promo II (105k) Brian Lamb Ratings Promo III (160k) Brian Lamb Ratings Promo IV (30k) Sports Radio Youth Driving (116k) Andrew Johnson I-Homage (51k) Taliban Women (36k) Lori McNichol (99k) Greenspan Dock Torpedo (153k) Phil from Dellroy Ohio (48k) Rabbi Mark Gellman (126k) Joey DeFasio (38k) Boomer Fired I (57k) Boomer Fired II (70k) Census 2000 (80k) Boomer Fired III (298k) Insana (84k) Roadhog Hip (240k) Breaking News I (46k) Breaking News II (69k) Breaking News III (59k) Breaking News IV (57k) Breaking News V (208k) Breaking News VI (153k) Camilla Parker Bowles Fashion Statement (46k) NYT Op-Ad (51k) Jim Miklaszewski Grilling (244k) Jim Nance & President Bush (214k) Boeing 737 Rudder News (93k) Barbara Streissand (32k) Breen Career Arc (36k) Madaline Albright Peace Pin Drawer (38k) Lieberman Rap (214k) G W Bush Syntax (88k) Mets Drug Promo (67k) Lieberman on Albright (32k) Imus on AT&T Breakup (473k) Florida Recount Timing (32k) Brian Williams Election Night (67k) Election Night Material (67k) Cheney Arrow (38k) Ted Quillin I (458k) Ted Quillin II (256k) Unauthorized Biographies (384k) Joe Bonigno Controversy (840k) Breen Replacement (208k) Captain Don (70k) MSNBC News Judgment (111k) Dixie Chicks & Mad Dog Russo (347k) Francesa Tape (36k) John Gambling Show (554k) John Gambling Show day 2 (712k) Gore Family Role (38k) Gore in Spanish (44k) Bush Wings Take Dream (133k) Heaven Demo Tape (248k) Gov Huckabee (792k) Gov Huckabee II (1182k big!) Ron Insana Exposed (34k) Jeannie9 call (128k) The Kuntz Brothers (181k) Sports Lightly (23k) The LL Bean Company (443k) Lobster Fang (49k) The Loser (248k) Ann Mullin (44k) Texas Execution Party Balloons (114k) Unadorned Chernoff (340k) McCord Houseboat (59k) Mike and the Mad Dog Argument (133k) Mad Dog and Steak (288k) Jack Welch Retirement Succession Mess (%2.1m big!) Coincidence? (256k) Buddy Miyagi on Sen. D'Amato (228k) Door Slamming (65k) McCord Oxygen Waste Rant (235k) Chernoff Revenge (227k) Dennis Miller (44k) Bush Open Mike (105k) Laura Ingrahm Mood Swing (42k) Imus to see Cabaret (151k) Susyn Waldmann Poke (227k) Drunk Driving Penalty (128k) Bob Schieffer Greenhouse Babe (65k) Lee Davis Apology (363k) Willie Nelson Divorce (23k) The Thrill is Gone (80k) Heavens Gate (175k) Heavens Door Original (96k) Jim Nance Cunning (48k) Greenspan Ducks (48k) Breen Visits Jan 30 2001 (%1.9m big!) Listener does Hillary (67k) Wyatt Learns Chinese (132k) Wolfman Chicken Offer (38k) Fatality Week (185k) Cardinal Hats and World's Shortest Imus Bumper (90k) The Senate Herd (30k) Leslie Moonves (103k) Earnhardt Crash II (97k) Boston Call Letter Flood (250k) McCord Piano Lesson Undermine (225k) Pat McEnroe Quits (489k) Nancing Evasion cf. Limbaugh Hugh Rodham (105k) Dan Rather Strategic Plan (202k) Doug Carter Obit Pattern (443k) Bernie Calms Chinese Waters (103k) Insana Beauty Tips (158k) Lou Sympathy (27k) Andrea Mitchell Fat Acceptance (38k) Charlie Ward Ugliness (%3.558m big!) Farewell to Steak I (46k) Farewell to Steak II (366k) Farewell to Steak III (460k) Farewell to Steak IV (300k) Farewell to Steak V (204k) Farewell to Steak VI (28k) Farewell to Steak VII (90k) Farewell to Steak VIII (65k) Farewell to Steak IX (65k) Lori Wedding you're not going to wear white are you (82k) The Mets (27k) Sid Rosenberg I (+256k) Sid Rosenberg II (+70k) Sid Rosenberg III (+124k) Sid Rosenberg IV (+28k) Sid Rosenberg V (+93k) Sid Rosenberg VI (+160k) Sid Rosenberg VII (+244k) Sid Rosenberg VIII (+244k) Sid Rosenberg IX (+61k) Bud Collins Uphill Tennis Promotion (+410k) David Bloom Execution Promo (443k) David Bloom March 28 2003 (281k) David Gregory on American Energy Concerns (+239k) David Gregory on Bush in Europe (+265k) Big Announcement (+240k) Welch Retirement Mess II (+78k) Jamal in Jamaica Calls Rosenberg (+277k) Anne Marie Smith Interview (515k) Jonathan Alter on Anne Marie Smith (+198k) Cronkite on Alter on Anne Marie Smith (+277k) Rush White Faces (+304k) Ballad of Chandra Levy (276k) Lizzie Grubman Interview (414k) Lizzie Grubman Interview II (+399k) Cronkite on Maureen Dowd (+218k) Minko Grilling I (+164k) Minko Grilling II (645k) Minko Grilling III (+57k) Connie Chung Introduction (+204k) Anne Heche Interview (517k) Viacom Jennings and Bill Maher (+139k) 9-26-2001 James Zogby Promo (65k) 9-26-2001 James Zogby Interview (1497k) 9-26-2001 James Zogby Reprise I (454k) 9-26-2001 James Zogby Callback (42k) 9-26-2001 Thomas Friedman on 9-11 (1761k) 9-26-2001 James Zogby Reprise II (93k) 9-26-2001 James Zogby Reprise III (210k) Middle East Racial Profiling (+70k) Sept 11 2001 I (472k) Sept 11 2001 II (756k) Sept 11 2001 III (785k) Sept 11 2001 IV (+67k) Sept 11 2001 V (+67k) Enough of a Prick to Pull the Trigger (200k) Sid and the Sports-Guy-Opinion Act (+449k) Sid Gambling I (+32k) Sid Gambling II (+254k) NYSE Wm. R. Johnson Retirement Tribute (+172k) Pakistan Apology I (+202k) Pakistan Apology II (+175k) Bob Kerr (+277k) Curbs Are In on Francesa (+46k) Rumsfield What Needs To Be Done (+78k) Tom Asphalt I depressive (+458k) Tom Asphalt II manic (+239k) Imus Informs Homeland Security Czar Tom Ridge of AA587 Crash (265k) Stern Imus and the boys doing Chernoff (172k) Grand Mullah Raccoon Lodge (+105k) Sid vs. Susyn I (+111k) Sid vs. Susyn II (+160k) Tom Friedman Intro (+133k) Lennox Lewis Interview (+391k) Maxine and Sid Go to Vegas I (+191k) Maxine and Sid Go to Vegas II (+99k) Maxine and Sid Go to Vegas III (664k) Barnicle Purple Prose (149k) Monday Night Football Mesopotamia (+468k) Priest Rabbi and Fred Thanksgiving Messages (+282k) Imus on MSNBC and Ashleigh (105k) Last Taliban Cigarette (74k) Chest Pains (+30k) David Gregory Campbell Brown Facial Tic I (428k) Bob Kerr Campbell Brown Facial Tic II (263k) Campbell Brown Facial Tic III (197k) David Gregory Campbell Brown Nora ODonald Beauty Contest (+132k) Imus Dead Air (44k) Imus vs. MSNBC (399k) Imus vs. MSNBC II pretentions (48k) Warner and Sid Ugliness and RocknRoll Sports Guy Opinions (+240k) Lupica on Warner and Sid Ugliness (330k) Dick Cavett on WTC I (+177k) Dick Cavett on Turbans (+91k) Dick Cavett on WTC II (+61k) Sting and Larry King (+277k) Jim Miklaszewski on Eggs (582k) MSNBC III hangnail coverage (84k) MSNBC IV Ashleigh Tapes (181k) Neil Young and George Bush Let's Roll (400k) Tom Rose Metaphor Storm (74k) Cronkite on Hate plus Farm Aid (+275k) Rush WABC Anybody There (+21k) The Cardinal (+328k) Picasso Loses It (+44k) Wolfman Jack Chicken Ad (+40k) Roosevelt Fear Itself (+44k) Nobel Prize in Economics (+76k) Emasculated Old Queen (+338k) Lori Puts on Some Weight and Warner Sid Ugliness (+187k) Buddy the Dog Passes On (63k) Warner Sid Ugliness Boxing (+168k) Campbell Brown Tweak (+170k) Francesa Something Big Going Down (+380k) Sid Laundry Scandal Resolved (88k) MSNBC Banfield Rant (172k) Banfield Responds to Rant (+88k) Sid Goes to the Movies (+380k) Sid's Time Out (609k) Sid Tribute to Waylon Jennings (349k) Mad Dog Russo Coerced (133k) Mad Dog Russo Coerced II (174k) Claire Shipman Enron Breaking News I (195k) Claire Shipman Enron Breaking News II (84k) Claire Shipman Enron Breaking News III (139k) Fox MSNBC and Ashliegh Banfield Rant (154k) Claire Shipman replaces Nightline (70k) Imus on MSNBC Support (311k) Tony Kornheiser ESPN Review (233k) Minko Choking On Air (154k) MSNBC and Ashleigh Banfield (485k) Afghanistan Body Count (128k) Ashleigh Banfields of the World (170k) MSNBC FOX CNN Terrence Smith rant (126k) FOX MSNBC and Ashleigh Banfield's Period (193k) Daevin Kirschner (391k) Daevin Kirschner one year later (647k) Trattoria Alba Restaurant (181k) Coach Minko Brain Tumor (21k) Jewish Holidays (46k) Priest on Sexual Abuse, see following (107k) Guggenbuhl-Craig on Sexual Abuse (txt) The Imus Lung Operation Story (67k) Imus in the Morning as Moses (42k) Netanyahu Column (216k) Sid Mets Uniform and $5000 (198k) British Correspondent Traffic Reports (122k) Charlie Ergen Crank Caller Eric Sorenson and Queen Mother Situation (571k) Charlie Ergen Crank Caller II (88k) Charlie Ergen Crank Caller and Queen Mum III (321k) Sid in a Dress I (156k) Sid in a Dress II (300k) Sid in a Dress III (475k) Andrea Mitchell Tension (260k) Andy Rooney on Imus (132k) Andy Rooney on Imus II (40k) Mad Dog Russo and Hockey (174k) Sid on Rev. Gomes (219k) O'Reilly Limbaugh and Radio Biz I (298k) O'Reilly Limbaugh and Radio Biz II (74k) Andrea Mitchell Cuba Spin Paralysis (237k) David Gregory CBS Story (309k) Andrea Mitchell Cuba Spin Paralysis Next Day (286k) MSNBC Tape and News Judgment Rant (133k) Imus on Larry King at 84 (67k) Westwood One Imus Affiliate List (143k) Lakers Prayer (95k) Gay NY Met (546k) Dan Rather on Ashcroft: The Remark (380k) Dan Rather on Ashcroft II: Miklaszewski raises a question (78k) Dan Rather on Ashcroft III: Miklaszewski Answers Question (191k) Dan Rather on Ashcroft IV: Next Day Press (105k) Dan Rather on Ashcroft IV.a: More Press (244k) Dan Rather on Ashcroft V: Day 3 Rather Clarifies (1201k) Dan Rather on Ashcroft VI: Imus Summary (273k) Imus's Dopey Wife (86k) Invitation Poem (170k) Brian Williams Takes Over I (250k) Brian Williams Takes Over II (279k) Pakistan Nuclear War (147k) United Parcel Service Suitcase Disaster (544k) NYT Judith Miller (67k) Benigno Sports Encyclopedia (70k) Tony Hendra Gets to the Point (107k) Voice for Radio and Francesa Does Not Call (168k) Bill from White Plains on the Flatlanders (158k) Larry King and the Flatlanders (80k) Francesa Strikes it Rich (57k) Andrea Mitchell Drones On (74k) Flatlanders Jack Buck Morning Zoo (454k) Lou does Sid and Warner (284k) Wolfman Jack Chicken Spot (38k) Nachman Show (535k) Scum Report Christie's Final Weeks (204k) Sid Goes to France (397k) MSNBC rant after Banfield and Matthews No-Show (198k) Reporter Bathos More at 11 (97k) Lou Dobbs on Connie Chung (91k) Dan Abrams (154k) Paul Simon bumper (51k) Tommy Costellano for NY Governor (183k) Worldcom Press Conference (540k) Elizabeth Cook Ordered (237k) Imus Plays Elizabeth Cook (366k) Traficant Says the F-word MSNBC feed (812k) The Serious Story Paradox (112k) Because We're Jews (324k) Elizabeth Cook McCord Mumbles (261k) Hillary Clinton Invited on Show (214k) Sid Reviews Jeff Greenfield (279k) Bill from White Plains Frame Break (198k) Sid on Guys and Scum Reporters (179k) Wyatt Preschool Interview Story (447k) Our Phony Pat O'Brien (74k) Michelle Kwan Skating Gold (72k) Fred's Attack Dog (193k) Bill Geist on the Japan Olympics (357k) Anthrax Killer or Not (88k) Lori McNichol First Base (57k) Slurred Words (248k) Highway Tip (158k) Red Auerbach and Lenny Bruce (162k) The Cardinal and the Angel (261k) Goober Crush (273k) Imus on Opie and Anthony Stunt 8-16 (168k) Imus on Opie and Anthony Stunt 9-3 (118k) Imus on Opie and Anthony Stunt 9-3b (300k) Imus and Insana on Opie and Anthony Stunt 9-3c (133k) Buddy Cianci Report (338k) Sept 11 2002 Tribute (4.1mb big!) Local News (130k) Pat Cooper Takes Down Bo Dietl (376k) Cronkite on Scum Reporter Replacement (219k) WOR Building Shooting (51k) Dowd Drum (53k) Anna Quindlen Envelope Cliche (15k) Frank Rich Tin Ear Fixe (32k) Travis Tritt Death Contract Up-Side (261k) Jean Shepherd (30k) Kinky Friedman Book Decline (168k) Kinky Friedman on Indians (183k) Advice (239k) Imus Reviews James Taylor (214k) Rap Lyricist (126k) Sid Cares (84k) Scum Tattoo (72k) NYT Wedding Announcements (254k) Rooney on Women Sports Reporters (265k) Suzy Kolber on Andy Rooney (374k) Bo Dietl Secretary of Defense (101k) Jewish Ethics (93k) Delbert and Elizabeth Cook (67k) Delbert Learning the Guitar (53k) Barbara Walters Castro Weekend (372k) Barbara Walters Reprise (114k) Ashleigh Banfield Cancelled (177k) Enthymeme (321k) Sports Talk (132k) Stevie Wonder Mistress Situation (70k) Norm Coleman for Senate Endorsement (91k) Hercules Has a Stroke (67k) Skip from Roanoke (70k) Dead Rapper (185k) Sniper Runaround (149k) Harry Potter Vibrating Broomstick (46k) Imus Lautenberg Endorsement (105k) Fat Lou 2-Fingers Gerstner (218k) David Gregory Breaking News (197k) Johnny Cash on King and CT Tax Lean (500k) Shug Knight Goad (38k) Dave McNally Tribute (130k) Roone Arledge Tribute (210k) Loving Imus (164k) Imus AOL Business Minute (284k) Johnny Cash I (244k) Johnny Cash II American IV CD (691k) Johnny Cash III (63k) Johnny Cash IV Inverview (808k) Johnny Cash V Francesa (34k) Lori Xmas Gift (156k) Oral B Toothbrush Ad (76k) Rookie Mistake (235k) The Salad Nag (114k) Holiday Policy (514k) Francesa Picks the Horse (95k) Christmas Quilt (74k) Kissinger at Tina Brown Gala (168k) Frank Rich Promotion Announcement (607k) Iraqi and Bullwinkle (132k) Imus Sports Report (198k) Holiday Inn Founder Dies (72k) Road Hog on Vince Gill (355k) Imus Nascar Promotion (198k) Imus Nascar Promotion II (185k) Imus Nascar Promotion III (124k) Valentine's Day (275k) Mike and Russo Review the Movies (72k) Wayne the Trucker (111k) David Gregory Expendibility (156k) Jonathan Alter Defends Newsweek (265k) Imus Gets an Autograph (229k) Sid Interviews Sen. Schulmer (122k) Frisky Alan Greenspan Has a Birthday (78k) Sid Debates Bartley (160k) Mad Dog Interviews Matsui (225k) Frank Rich Searches for the Just Cliche: Big Picture or Forests (53k) Andy Rooney on Gulf War II (53k) NYC tax needle (65k) Kinky Friedman discusses Lord of the Flies (84k) Mesopotamian Heritage I (93k) Mesopotamian Heritage II (107k) Mesopotamian Heritage III (109k) Thomas Blood and Guts Friedman (254k) Paul Begalla Goad (275k) Imus and Rush on Hillary Screech (160k) Imus Listener Quiz Question (80k) David Gregory Dead Mother Sympathy Play (111k) McCord on Nichole Kidman (177k) Prime Minister Blair (93k) FCC Rule Changes (40k) The Tony Awards (143k) Hillary and the Puerto Rican Day Parade (84k) George Carlin Birthday (15k) George Carlin Top Earthquakes (172k) Breen Visits Jun 11 2003 (294k) Sid Returns (82k) These Go To Eleven (46k) Andrea Mitchell Pronounces Archipelago (32k) Ann Coulter Pronounces Calumnies (32k) Best of Imus Aug 15 2003 remembers Imus Oct 21 1998 (288k) Do the Math (32k) Why the Show Sucks Today, good stuff is off air (111k) Brokaw Hurricane Israel (139k) Suicide Bomber Botch (76k) Jim Gray Saddam Dead Yes! (237k) Imus Affiliate Birth and Death Audience (80k) Bob Murphy Mets Announcer Retires (302k) Bob Murphy Remorse (258k) Lieberman and the Democratic Constituency (183k) Robert Palmer Dies (55k) Schwartzenegger News Items (126k) Andrea Mitchell Annoy (82k) Breast Cancer Preventative (93k) Limbaugh Rock (246k) Terri Schiavo Condition Report (44k) NYU Diving Team (132k) Dorothy Hammill Supports the Troops (88k) Riveting Howard Fineman Interview (67k) Surgical Mistake (309k) Zenmaster Induction Speech (567k) Rush Hour in Iraq (82k) Canadian Cache (67k) Janice Breakdown (135k) Rush Returns Good Wishes (170k) Stern Goad (143k) Frail Pope Has Mad Cow Disease (65k) Rush on Imus vs Stern (206k) Sen Dodd Pay the Piker (32k) Imus Office Peacemaker (260k) Kwanzaa Light a Black Candle (17k) Beatles Signed Guitar (99k) Hillary Ghandi Joke (42k) John A Gambling Obit (103k) Last Janice Dec 29 2003 5:30 and 9:30 Casts (378k) Stephen Hawking (103k) Rural Ohio Imus Affiliate Farmer Social Anxiety Ad (69k) Rep Harold Ford doesn't get the message on Janet Jackson (78k) Kerry No Intern (88k) Kerry Denominators (32k) New Traffic Lady Welcome (139k) Lamaze Classes (103k) Iranian Airliner Disaster I (172k) Iranian Airliner Disaster II (208k) Iranian Airliner Disaster III (61k) New York Times Endorses Kerry (147k) Farouk and Friedman's Olive Oil (137k) Gov. Mark Roscoe vs. Kerry on Literature (36k) Hamas Spiritual Leader (49k) Keys to Iraq (206k) David Gregory Presidential Question (727k) McDonalds Death I (114k) McDonalds Death II (212k) Michelle's Puerto Rican Outfield (221k) Hamill Iraq Escape (133k) Imus at the Funeral (200k) Mr. Rogers in Wyatt's School (494k) Becca Bramlett demo (170k) Bush and Abu Ghraib (36k) Pat Tillman, Warner Wolf (258k) Cuban Baseball Players (120k) Iraq Imus (145k) Stock Market Lawyer Ad (135k) Sid and the South Korean (88k) Cuban Baseball Players II (91k) Goes to Eleven (46k) Affiliate Repartee (63k) Russo Hubadoo (105k) Obama Name (340k) Bush Ways to Harm (82k) Imus Ranch Weed Pulling (328k) Big Al Anderson Demo (131k) Admiral Stockdale (185k) Imus Affiliate Competence (204k) Lesbian Irony (63k) Prayer for Clinton (206k) Bush OB-GYN (25k) Kyle from Boston and Endangered Species (221k) Greenfield on Rathergate vs Tailwind (365k) Kid Hard Luck Stories I (374k) Kid Hard Luck Stories II (126k) Mary K Laterno on 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Bubble Bumper without drum (118k) Dowd on Shiavo (1165k) Terri Shiavo Passes Away (76k) Andrea Mitchell Hot (32k) Mad Dog Annals of Sports (59k) Pope Lying in State (53k) Bush Remembers the Pope (99k) Home Run or almost (55k) Football Death (55k) Cardinal Ratzinger for Pope (69k) The Contessa Sequence (1386k) Contessa Aftermath (460k) Old Times at WNBC (63k) Improvised Uterine Devices (120k) Sid Book Deal (154k) Sid Insensitive (172k) John Meacham on Koran Flush (1404k) Titty okay (Bye Sid I) (32k) Sid Statement (Bye Sid II) (200k) Cardinal Remark (Bye Sid III) (17k) Pat McEnroe Remarks on Sid (Bye Sid IV) (132k) Brian Williams Remarks on Sid (Bye Sid V) (65k) Bush Hammered for Correct Word (132k) Bob Schieffer on Michael Jackson (65k) Plastic Jesus (31k) Sid Sued (32k) London Crawling (30k) Space Shuttle Landing Coverage (496k) Rick Kaplan Naked News Bunnies (158k) George McGovern (1343k) Fred's Hit Song (568k) Fred Gets Bums' Rush (32k) Katie Couric Call (101k) Brian Williams on David Gregory (187k) Bernie Analyzes Gaza and the World (250k) Howard Fineman Iraq Tribal Society (932k) Maureen Dowd Interview (Bush World) (1639k) Imus KUTY Aircheck (91k) Aaron Neville Louisiana 1927 Bumper (155k) Sid Coming Back (88k) Whut Flood (477k) Douglas Brinkley on Katrina Response (1003k) Douglas Brinkley Exerpt on Pets (141k) David Gregory Plays the Blame Game (147k) City of New Orleans Bumper (134k) Levon Helm Live (497k) Levon Helm CD (457k) Brian Williams Goes to Mississippi (128k) Brian Williams vs Westchester County Airport (351k) Harriet Meir Paper Trail (271k) Collins Last Day (82k) Pakistan Earthquake (57k) Evan Thomas for the Iraq War (107k) Maureen Dowd on Judy Miller (1495k) Hurricane like Woman (48k) Andy Rooney Says Negro 1 (1285k) Andy Rooney Says Negro 2 (250k) Vanilla Coke Endorsement (57k) Andrea Mitchell Plame Case (452k) Urologist Ranking (49k) Al Franken Gloat Story (330k) Andrea Mitchell Emoting (170k) Andrea Mitchell I Messed Up (789k) The Cardinal 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First McCord 12-03-07 (245k) Curtis Sliwa Slams Imus 12-03-07 (166k) Imus Compliments Curtis Sliwa 12-03-07 (138k) Tony Powell on Rutgers 12-03-07 (86k) Opie and Anthony on Imus 12-03-07 (141k) On Johnny Donovan 12-05-07 (80k) NBC Cooling Off Period 12-05-07 (315k) Wyatt and Kinky Rodeo 12-05-07 (151k) Sliwa Defends Engineers 12-06-07 (161k) Imus Attacks Engineers 12-06-07 (40k) Weather Girl Cheer 12-07-07 (273k) Rodeo Bull Wuss 12-10-07 (195k) New Jersey Bureau I 12-11-07 (124k) Wyatt School Meeting 12-11-07 (271k) New Jersey Bureau II 12-11-07 (90k) New Jersey Bureau III 12-11-07 (130k) Bill from White Plains 12-11-07 (189k) New Jersey Bureau IV 12-11-07 (92k) WTKK Talk Erection 12-11-07 (71k) Sharpton Bad Luck 12-13-07 (56k) EnviroBarbie Departs 12-13-07 (77k) Sharpton Bad Luck II 12-13-07 (124k) George Carlin on Steroids 12-14-07 (172k) Dierdre Irritation Call 12-14-07 (548k) George Carlin on Steroids 12-16-07 (172k) Romney Weeps 12-17-07 (120k) Warner Wolf Returns 12-17-07 (50k) Jim Nance Comment 12-17-07 (164k) The Death Penalty 12-17-07 (82k) Spitzer Troopergate 12-18-07 (73k) Lieberman Endorses McCain 12-18-07 (216k) Bloomberg Snaps at Reporter 12-18-07 (78k) Always Something Wrong 12-18-07 (203k) Big Al Crushed 12-18-07 (94k) WABC Live Jive 12-19-07 (77k) Tryst 12-19-07 (35k) Had to have Lou 12-19-07 (67k) Spitzer State of the State 01-10-08 (134k) Imus Fired by Hillary 01-10-08 (556k) Scott Shannon Fills In for Paul Harvey 01-11-08 (566k) No Indian Jokes 01-14-08 (77k) Intern Amanda Hears from Imus 01-15-08 (98k) Hillary the Stewardess 01-17-08 (90k) Bill from White Plains 01-17-08 (157k) Just One More Cow 01-21-08 (82k) Heath Ledger Death 01-23-08 (159k) Pope to Visit 01-23-08 (77k) Imus Sued over Spot 01-24-08 (75k) Heath Ledger 01-25-08 (103k) Bernie Passes on Ethiopian 01-25-08 (73k) Bernie Leaks 01-25-08 (67k) Sliwa Ranch Foods 01-29-08 (65k) Advice for Dwight Yokum 01-29-08 (82k) DC as High School 01-30-08 (313k) John Edwards Drops Out 01-30-08 (115k) Dr Phil on Bob Galerstein 01-31-08 (36k) Technical Rant 01-31-08 (229k) Radio Theater 1a 02-01-08 (315k) Radio Theater 1b 02-01-08 (277k) Bush at CPAC 02-08-08 (115k) Dire Straits Romeo and Juliet Bumper 02-14-08 (149k) Shooter Hype 02-15-08 (54k) Paul Harvey Phone Sex 02-19-08 (128k) Casey Kasem Long Distance Dedication 02-20-08 (134k) Angry Hillary 02-20-08 (525k) Monica Crowley Prodded Off Boilerplate 02-22-08 (527k) Bush Greets Red Sox 02-28-08 (69k) Scott Salotto News Candor 02-28-08 (88k) Cardinal Returns Promo 02-29-08 (31k) Spring Training Cliches 02-29-08 (86k) Lobster Newburg Rant 02-29-08 (216k) David Gregory Triple Chin and Press Corps 02-29-08 (80k) Harold Ford Jr Dirtbag 02-29-08 (33k) Hillary Red Phone Ad 03-03-08 (88k) Tony Powell Does Paul Harvey 03-03-08 (208k) Not Bernie 03-05-08 (88k) Happy Crew 03-06-08 (56k) Missing Weather Guy 03-06-08 (75k) Captain Don Today 03-07-08 (135k) Pigs Feet 25 03-07-08 (101k) Journey Bumper 03-07-08 (179k) Schumer on David Paterson 03-13-08 (42k) Dinkins on David Paterson 03-13-08 (56k) Ashley Dupre Prostitute Veracity 03-14-08 (151k) Don Corleone Net Sex 03-14-08 (258k) Kerry Fogs Obama and Wright 03-17-08 (481k) Chernoff Burns Books 03-19-08 (84k) Prostitution for Kids 03-19-08 (136k) Obama Hillary Minister Not White Guys 03-20-08 (205k) Obama Hillary Minister Debate Mortified 03-20-08 (252k) Obama Hillary Minister Debate Free at Last 03-20-08 (298k) Johnny Donovan Talk Up Promo 03-21-08 (120k) Too Many James Earls 04-04-08 (109k) Elton John Foul Mood 04-11-08 (73k) Cat Squish 04-15-08 (119k) Nappy Headed Ho Truth 04-16-08 (155k) Pope Bush Mom 04-17-08 (57k) Syllepsis Can and Have More 04-17-08 (19k) Hat of the Pope 04-21-08 (155k) Drizzlegate 04-21-08 (61k) Hat of the Pope 2 04-21-08 (203k) Drizzlegate 2 04-22-08 (86k) Bra Patent Stolen 04-24-08 (96k) Rick Kaplan Cat Dies 04-24-08 (138k) Larry King Interviews Dierdre 04-25-08 (317k) Dick Gregory on Race 04-28-08 (3104k) Religious Ritual 04-29-08 (166k) Kinky Friedman on Obama 04-30-08 (810k) Piano Recital 05-02-08 (296k) Opie and Anthony Radiothon Call 05-09-08 (354k) Sharyl Attkisson Rick Kaplans Cat 05-13-08 (178k) News Headlines 05-15-08 (88k) Napkin Incident 05-15-08 (96k) Harold Ford Jr and Russert Question 05-20-08 (63k) Bill from White Plains 05-20-08 (220k) Cow Hump Talking Jesus Doll 05-23-08 (252k) Cow Hump Talking Jesus Doll 2 05-23-08 (126k) Jesus Last Supper Sports Call 05-23-08 (132k) Spin Class Rage 05-29-08 (239k) Ed Rendell Throws Hillary under the Bus 06-05-08 (311k) Truck Named Moonves 06-06-08 (201k) NYT Building Climbers 06-06-08 (90k) Debbie Reynolds Appears 06-06-08 (235k) Karith Boyfriend Loyalty 06-13-08 (182k) Larry King on Gay Marriage 06-16-08 (174k) Breen Disses Pat Obrien 06-16-08 (289k) Larry King on Grandma Sex 06-16-08 (101k) Larry King on Buddy Holly Disease 06-16-08 (145k) George Carlin Stick It 06-23-08 (75k) Pacman Jones Controversy 06-23-08 (71k) Larry King Horse Literature 06-23-08 (151k) Shout Out to Show Monitors 06-27-08 (216k) Mayor Daley Disorder Clip 06-27-08 (117k) Imus Radio Theater Lieberman and Obama 07-01-08 (245k) Fred and Elizabeth Cook 07-03-08 (195k) Karith on Steroids 07-23-08 (61k) Karith Death Averted 07-23-08 (252k) Womens Basketball Averted 07-23-08 (130k) ESPN Airstrike 1 07-24-08 (201k) ESPN Airstrike 2 07-24-08 (615k) ESPN Airstrike 3 07-24-08 (415k) ESPN Airstrike Result 07-25-08 (665k) Christies Baby 08-11-08 (35k) Obama Empty Suit 08-11-08 (61k) Performer Egos Assuaged 08-11-08 (63k) Larry King on the Olympics 08-13-08 (195k) Props for Johnny Donovan 08-13-08 (172k) Fred Relationship Intervention 08-15-08 (281k) Hillary Voice Etch Glass 08-26-08 (88k) Biden Most Dangerous Langauge 08-28-08 (124k) McCain Well Done 08-29-08 (80k) Bill Richardson on McCain 08-29-08 (71k) Debra Dickerson on McCain Desperation 08-29-08 (248k) Curtis Sliwa Promo Comparison 08-29-08 (48k) Pacman Jones Cleared to Play 08-29-08 (57k) Neil Cavuto on Debra Dickerson 08-29-08 (630k) ABC Gustav Terror 09-01-08 (96k) Women Actresses 09-03-08 (57k) Phil Griffin Gutless Snake Reconsidered 09-04-08 (142k) Weather Lady Rant 09-04-08 (262k) McEnroe Sr on Ladies Tennis 09-04-08 (119k) McEnroe Sr on Ladies Tennis II 09-04-08 (50k) Greenfield Field Strips a Moose 09-05-08 (147k) Greenfield and the Arctuarial Tables 09-05-08 (56k) Each One Better than the Next 09-05-08 (80k) Sleeping with Andrea Mitchell 09-18-08 (46k) Imus to the Dog Track 09-18-08 (111k) Closet Sharing Solution 09-18-08 (178k) Tom Oliphant Fails to Call In 09-18-08 (875k) Each One Better than the Next 2 09-19-08 (23k) Imus Buys Gas 09-23-08 (269k) Palin Herself Bridge 09-26-08 (439k) Kinky Friedman Something's Wrong with the Beaver 10-09-08 (100k) No News Pigs 10-16-08 (185k) Donald Trump Returns 10-17-08 (80k) Brian Williams Returns 10-23-08 (409k) Larry King on Halloween 10-27-08 (147k) Alan Iverson's Mom Clip Recovered 11-04-08 (77k) Imus as Viper 11-14-08 (239k) Carol Higgins Clark Apology Hour 11-18-08 (478k) Kinky Friedman Agenda Comment Defended 11-20-08 (682k) Stock Seller Segment 11-24-08 (168k) Warner Wolf Show on WINS deprecated 11-25-08 (67k) Obama Hairpiece 11-26-08 (54k) Sean Hannity Calls In 11-26-08 (342k) Karith Eye Glitter 12-05-08 (140k) David Hinckley Attacked 12-05-08 (84k) Karith Eye Glitter II 12-05-08 (69k) WABC Sales Department Contacts 12-05-08 (54k) Hillary Senate Seat Caroline Kennedy 12-09-08 (21k) Army Stories 12-17-08 (174k) Iced 01-07-09 (50k) Iced II 01-07-09 (94k) What Kind of Beer 01-15-09 (63k) Where Have All The Cowboys Gone 01-16-09 (111k) Bidens Wife Spills Beans 01-20-09 (182k) Flooded Mercedes Sold 01-20-09 (168k) Imus Bashes Richard Holbrooke 01-23-09 (298k) Fox Business Channel 01-26-09 (98k) Gag Reflex Question 01-26-09 (130k) Sid Superbowl Report I 01-28-09 (350k) Sid Superbowl Report II 01-28-09 (386k) Laurie Cantillo Meets Imus 02-04-09 (248k) Huckabee Report 02-05-09 (313k) New Edginess Proposed 02-05-09 (149k) Fred Returns 02-05-09 (728k) Sponsorship of The Cardinal 02-06-09 (42k) News Trucks for The Cardinal 02-06-09 (96k) The Cardinal Returns 02-06-09 (279k) News and Traffic Lady Edginess 02-06-09 (174k) Valentine Suggestions 02-12-09 (222k) Laurie Contillo Available 02-12-09 (132k) Call the Bastards 02-19-09 (98k) Program Director Greenhouse 02-19-09 (252k) Imusology Don-enetics 03-13-09 (157k) Was Not Black Edited Away on Repeat 03-18-09 (147k) John Meacham Pulitzer Prize 04-21-09 (38k) Citadel News Sucks 04-29-09 (355k) NYT Questions the President 04-30-09 (90k) Censored from on air made it to stream 05-14-09 (101k) Debra Dickerson on Michael Jackson 06-26-09 (417k) Lou Does Al Franken 07-01-09 (84k) Tennis Rough Looking Girl 07-02-09 (80k) Wyatts Condom 07-27-09 (319k) Lee Davis New Job WINS 07-28-09 (153k) The McCord Whom 07-29-09 (25k) Kinky Friedman on Gates Gate 07-31-09 (176k) Bill from White Plains at the Ranch 08-06-09 (187k) Larry King 08-20-09 (180k) Orrin Hatch on Kennedy 08-27-09 (871k) Patrick McEnroe 09-14-09 (558k) Lou Does Mark Levin Rant 09-15-09 (115k) New Imus Mocking Blacks Policy 09-17-09 (336k) New Mayor Nagin 09-17-09 (101k) Bentley Engine Light Dilemma 09-17-09 (147k) Carl Jeffers Accuses Mark Levin 09-17-09 (1020k) Mark Levin Clears the Field 09-17-09 (988k) Mary Travers Tusks 09-17-09 (84k) Chess Match 09-21-09 (96k) Cavuto Welcomes Imus 09-29-09 (378k) Harry Connick Jr 09-30-09 (946k) Sully Sullenberger Returns I 10-01-09 (138k) Sully Sullenberger Returns II 10-01-09 (130k) Sully Sullenberger Returns III 10-01-09 (130k) Sully Sullenberger Returns IV 10-01-09 (75k) McCord Cancer Rant 10-05-09 (206k) Pigs Feet Widowed 10-07-09 (168k) Australian Gong Show 10-09-09 (237k) Boy in the Bubble Bumper 10-13-09 (223k) Imus Declared a Saint 10-20-09 (147k) Imus Starving 10-20-09 (161k) Soupy Sales Dies 10-23-09 (258k) Degan McDowell Zinger 10-29-09 (285k) Alexis Glick with Sound Off 10-29-09 (124k) Robert Earl Keen reaction 10-30-09 (516k) Tony Powell on Elton John 11-03-09 (65k) Larry King on Turtles 11-03-09 (101k) Two Vagina PMS 11-06-09 (75k) Breen Knicks Lose 11-12-09 (46k) Sid Rosenberg Reappears 11-25-09 (613k) Tiger Woods Mistress 11-30-09 (99k) Roseanne Cash Long Black Veil 12-01-09 (287k) Degan McDowell Cashes In 12-17-09 (333k) Degan McDowell Checkered Past 12-17-09 (195k) Lobster Email on Lieberman 12-18-09 (306k) Day the Music Died Pushback 02-03-10 (151k) Jenna Lee Mad at Imus 04-07-10 (99k) Curtis Sliwa Dissed 04-12-10 (42k) Curtis Sliwa John Gotti Show 04-12-10 (82k) Free range chicken dinosaurs 04-14-10 (149k) Scarborough Stupid Gone 04-28-10 (201k) Wild Horses bumper 05-05-10 (141k) Bernie Tiger Balls Active 06-04-10 (59k) Econolodge Pee 06-24-10 (283k) Queen Visit 07-06-10 (193k) Humma Wiener Wedding 07-12-10 (138k) Unfortunately Died 07-12-10 (75k) Connell McShane Haircut 07-30-10 (172k) Eminem Rihanna Bumper 09-13-10 (155k) Curtis Sliwa Hard Feelings 10-05-10 (124k) Degan Says Asshole 10-19-10 (216k) Heavens Door Bumper 10-19-10 (179k) Barbara Walters Interviews Obama 11-17-10 (27k) Palin Pounds a Flounder 11-24-10 (119k) Bonnie Raitt You Bumper 12-16-10 (117k)

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News Word Joke (23k) CNN Iraq on Many Lips (7k) CNN Thanksgiving Message (48k) CNN Christmas Message (23k) Interview with a Woman (179k) Cricket Importance (23k) Dayton OH Suspicious Death (32k) Colorful Military Language (27k) Ohio New Year 23:59:30 Dec 31 2003 (65k) Wallace & Woodward's Mr Rogers (48k) WCLT Emergency Alert System Test (38k) Lawn Mower Microphone (Brill Luxus 38, May 1 2004) (2171k) Lawn Mower Microphone (Scotts 20" Classic, June 6 2004) (2553k) Lawn Mower Microphone (American Lawn Mower 18", June 13 2004) (2408k) Scythe Microphone (Scythe Supply 26", June 20 2004) (4842k) Neighbor's Power Pole Fuse Blowing (16k) Central Intellectual Agency (19k) Drunk in Junkyard (27k) Vice Presidential Acid Reflux (32k) X2 Space Plane as Reported for Women (80k) Gore Concession Dec 13 2000 (470k) Bush Acceptance Dec 13 2000 (867k) Kerry Edwards Nonconcession 2:30am Nov 3 2004 (160k) Kerry Edwards Concession 2pm Nov 3 2004 (1474k) Bush Cheney Acceptance 3pm Nov 3 2004 (897k) WCLT High Tech Audio (42k) Heres Johnny Obit (31k) The Teterboro Offensive (27k) Native American Wisdom (65k) Rumsfeld Q and A at JHU (2874k) WWV To Add Leap Second Dec 31 2005 (46k) Leap Second Itself (216k) Ohio Night Sounds : Mysterious Siren Event Passes By On Its Way Somewhere Else (531k) Ohio Night Sounds : Night Freight (752k) Ohio Night Sounds : Night Freight (464k) Ohio Night Sounds : Night Freight (1029k) Ohio Night Sounds : Night Airplane (132k) Ohio Rain (993k) Breaking Corn News (59k) Rooster 2:45am 5-13-06 (128k) Doberman Pup Vicki and Night Sirens (130k) Edsel Commercials via Jean Shepherd 8-71 (246k) 600 pound bank robber (55k) Emergency Alert System (38k) Upcoming Soap News (84k) JFK Ask Not ... (15k) JFK Word Go Forth ... (67k) The Craw (32k) Chevy Commercial 1931 (91k) March 2 2007 Sunny Ohio Wind (4pm) (260k) Automated Weather (135k) Vicki Home Alone Drinks 07-29-07 (134k) Cicadas and Vicki Throws Up 07-31-07 (127k) Disappointing Storm 08-25-07 (308k) Turmoil in Brooklyn Markets 08-31-07 (48k) Night Siren Event 2 09-05-07 (233k) Escaped Roosters 4:14AM 09-27-07 (201k) Behringer UCA-202 craps out 10-01-07 (35k) Escaped Rooster Feeding 10-24-07 (12k) Night Sounds : Train Plus Rooster 11-19-07 (67k) ABC Woman-Scaring School Bus Danger 11-19-07 (82k) KFI Weather 4% Warmer 11-26-07 (54k) No Weather Hype 11-27-07 (38k) Chickens 12-22-07 (134k) New Year 2008 Gunfire 12-31-07 (67k) Chesterfield Ad 12-08-49 (19k) McCain Ad 03-07-08 (182k) spring grackle train rooster cardinal 04-04-08 (117k) Spring Grackle Train Rooster Cardinal 04-06-08 (67k) Train at Noon 10-11-08 (46k) Obama The Buck Stops with Me 12-05-08 (8k) Ellipsis 12-11-08 (12k) Armstrong and Getty The Henchmen 12-11-08 (195k) Armstrong and Getty Wife Breathing Difficulty 12-19-08 (96k) Armstrong and Getty Bad Language 02-20-09 (75k) Death and News 04-07-09 (229k) Armstrong and Getty Hubaloo 05-13-09 (61k) Bob and Ray Fashion World 12-22-07 (214k) Help You To Succeed 01-22-09 (6k) Manure Spreading 02-17-09 (111k) Sonia Sotomayor Loud KFI 05-26-09 (36k) Armstrong and Getty Letterman 06-17-09 (189k) Armstrong and Getty Goats 06-23-09 (35k) Armstrong and Getty Wallace Stevens 07-28-09 (96k) Armstrong and Getty Pregnant 08-19-09 (59k) Armstrong and Getty Pregnant Nasal Swabs 08-19-09 (84k) Generators in Power Outage 06-25-09 (35k) Fourth of July Rural Fireworks 07-04-09 (347k) KFI Schubert is French Composer 07-15-09 (38k) Iran Protester 09-02-09 (48k) Ann Coulter on Jimmy Carter 09-17-09 (52k) Voting 10-01-09 (80k) Google VP Merissa Mayer Offended 11-04-09 (1570k) Merissa Mayer Day Two 11-05-09 (392k) Watson Experiments 11-17-09 (113k) Coleridge on Islam 03-30-10 (117k) Tornado Lady 06-01-10 (140k) British Petroleum Criminal Investigation 06-02-10 (48k) Armstrong and Getty Credit Card 07-01-10 (48k) Armstrong and Getty Intellectual Property 08-03-10 (63k) Armstrong and Getty Lute 08-03-10 (54k) Armstrong and Getty Lute Baez 08-04-10 (98k) Night Killdeer 10-04-09 (35k) Would You 11-09-09 (21k) Jesus Whomever 12-24-09 (31k) Susan Hoerchner Testifies Against Clarence Thomas 10-13-1991 (543k) Epsetein Rule of Law Union Labor 07-05-10 (111k) Vicki Siren 09-24-10 (82k) Frank Rich Whom 11-27-10 (23k)

Limbaugh clips

Sean Hannity Adjective Promo (67k) Carville (137k) My Child Was Killed by a Drunk Driver (370k) Clinton on Testifying (46k) Clinton Child Abuse (53k) Soccer Caller (120k) Insidious Lack (11k) Pete Rose Grilling (185k) Soccer Caller Promo (70k) Brokaw Like It Is (133k) Hannity Imus Question (40k) Lieberman Louie Louie (187k) Limbaugh Orgasmatron & Lessons in Life (548k) Limbaugh Homeless Update Theme (166k) Hugh Rodham cf. Imus Nancing Evasion (72k) Rush McVeigh McCain Confusion I (+23k) Rush McVeigh McCain Confusion II (+70k) Programmer (+179k) Commercial Break (+49k) Suicide Tree Sitter (240k) Talk Radio (76k) Sen. Wellstone (286k) Lieberman with Gore Sincerity (32k) Stern Imus and Rush (105k) Rush Drug Charges and Maximum Strength Pain Relief Ad same segment (239k) Rush Rehab Announcement (315k) Rush Returns (30k) SUV Evil (114k) The Testicle Controversy (1810k) The Testicle Lockbox (210k) Hillary Yelling Speech (see also Imus Hillary Screech) (70k) Roger Hedgecock Saying Infinitesimal (21k) President Apologizes (118k) News of Subsidaries 04-20-04 (25k) All American First Cavalry Amazon Batallion (706k) Divorce Statement (143k) Bush on Hillary and Hillary on Bush (279k) Hiroshima Day Celebration (74k) Allawi before Congress (65k) Kerry Hunting Trip in Ohio (17k) Rather Breaking News (32k) Media Gravitas and Hubris Fixations (233k) My City Was Gone Election Ohio Tribute 11-03-04 (686k) Terri Shiavo Email from Al (126k) Lucky Butt Tobacco (67k) Maverick John McCain (126k) Bush's Barnburner (32k) Forest Fire Public Service Announcement (32k) Forest Fire Public Service Announcement (Original) (71k) Debbie Mother of Marine (216k) Rush Rant against Antiwar Left (714k) Call from Donna in CT (149k) Rita X and the Million More March (706k) Rush on Demented Senator John Kerry (42k) The Mine Disaster (468k) Iraq Civil War Poll Talking Point (80k) Call from San Francisco (32k) Cindi Sheehan Audio Pain (65k) Valerie Plame (46k) WJR The Views Do Not Necessarily ... (277k) Cachet (19k) Dr Martha Calls 05-11-07 (487k) Rush on David Gregory on Imus (86k) Iowa Resident Meets Barack Obama 11-08-07 (69k) Rush Mentions Ann Althouse 11-27-07 (388k) Obama Ad 02-13-08 (111k) Obama Hope in Hope 02-13-08 (229k) Contessa Brewer Statesticle Dead Heat 12-14-07 (78k) NYC Condom Giveaway 02-14-08 (94k) Vote Obama Ad 02-14-08 (69k) Dr. Martha Calls Back 02-22-08 (757k) Eliot Spitzer Love Client Number Nine 03-12-08 (272k) Donna Shalala Update Theme uploaded 03-25-08 (167k) Precipitous 04-16-08 (25k) Mother is the Necessity of Invention 06-16-08 (35k) Judge Susan Hirschner Oct 11 1991 07-31-08 (59k) Iraq Georgia Moral Equivalence 08-14-08 (184k) Obama Global Sprout Warming 09-05-08 (145k) al Qaeda Calls Obama Negro 11-20-08 (174k) Always a Woman 12-05-08 (211k) Imus vs Letterman Firing 06-12-09 (441k) Providence Vocabulary Lesson 07-16-09 (227k) Althouse 2009 mentions 07-24-09 (449k) A.J. from Houston 09-16-09 (321k) Deserting the Shi- 01-21-10 (19k) Mediterranean Attempted 01-25-10 (25k)

John & Ken clips

John & Ken on Diana Death (1.8m big!) John & Ken on Diana Death week 2 (1.2m big!) Capitol Shooting (72k) Perot Transcript Reading (2.2m, big!) John & Ken Pledge of Allegiance (2.1m big!) John & Ken Memorial Intimidation Day (2.3m big!) John's Cat (714 k) La Femme consumer report (324k) The Stain (42k) John & Ken Welcome Mrs Dole to Presidential Race (126k) Mrs Dole Welcome Day 2 (126k) Indian Red Crayola (189k) John & Ken Welcome Quayle to the Presidential Race (189k) John & Ken Deeply Regret Embassy Bombing (23k) John & Ken Final Show, excerpts about Talk Radio (%2.3m big!) John & Ken Final Signoff (16k) Wrong Call Letters (25k) Kennedy Death (one small dropout) (265k) John & Ken Discovery Channel (76k) John & Ken Fat Acceptance (34k) John & Ken Airline Personnel Theory (61k) John & Ken Middle-Aged White Guy Studies (97k) John & Ken Farewell to Cox Radio (265k) John & Ken Welfare Traffic Accident (107k) John & Ken International Disturbances Desk (353k) John & Ken Kite Support Group (206k) John & Ken Strange Guy Clinic (1.1m, big!) John & Ken Weather (91k) John & Ken Hate Mail (172k) John & Ken Convenience Store Owner Aid Program (112k) John & Ken Cold War Strategic Scoring (49k) John & Ken Overreaction Gene (206k) John & Ken Theory of Law (95k) John & Ken Dollar Coin (90k) John & Ken Democratic Debate Political Analysis (447k) John & Ken Republican Debate Political Analysis (980k) John & Ken Payne Stewart Memorial (53k) John & Ken Hispanic Community Ratings Outreach (882k) John & Ken Veterans' Day Remembrance (122k) John & Ken Bright Side of Carnage (122k) John & Ken Earthquake News (145k) John & Ken Egyptair Travel Policy (347k) John & Ken Texas Student Squish day 1 (179k) John & Ken Texas Student Squish day 2 (622k) John & Ken Chase Channel Caller 1 (107k) John & Ken Chase Channel Caller 2 (225k) John & Ken Chase Channel Caller 3 (137k) John & Ken Chase Channel Caller 4 (101k) John & Ken Jockey Athletes (181k) John & Ken Headgear Cultural Discomfort (344k) John & Ken Angry Grandmother (63k) John & Ken Angry Traffic Reporter (156k) John & Ken News Hussy (44k) John & Ken Millennium Coverage Coverage (384k) John & Ken Millennium Coverage Algerian Roundup (112k) John & Ken Millennium Coverage Korean Dancers & Frankfurt Practical Joke (332k) John & Ken Millennium Coverage Jennings Tedium (78k) John & Ken Millennium Coverage Indian-Looking People (38k) John & Ken Millennium Coverage First Baby (72k) John & Ken Millennium Coverage Beijing Headwraps (30k) John & Ken Millennium Coverage Sam Donaldson Hype (160k) John & Ken Millennium Coverage Los Angeles Celebrations (107k) John & Ken Angry Cuban Interviews (145k) John & Ken Ad Man (168k) John & Ken Dr Laura (156k) John & Ken Spontaneous Candidate Debate (254k) John & Ken Small Talk Primer (99k) John & Ken Sensitive Men (67k) John and Ken on the Saudis (84k) John and Ken on the Middle East (78k) John and Ken Al-Qaeda Woodchipper (130k) John and Ken World Cup Coverage (800k) John and Ken on the News (147k) John and Ken Car Chase Critique (964k) John and Ken Amber Motor Home Escape (235k) John and Ken 24-7 Amber Alert Channel (67k) Bush Fool Me Once (200k) John and Ken Bridge to Arab Culture (317k) California Lee Baca on the Budget Crisis (53k) Laci Peterson Messages (1258k) Scare News (135k) John & Ken on the Pope in State (132k) Imus Firing 1 (2263k) Imus Firing 2 (2412k) Imus Firing 3 (2624k) Imus Firing 4 (2574k) Imus Firing 5 (2466k) Imus Firing 6 (2332k) Imus Firing 7 (2626k) Imus Firing 8 (2464k) Imus Firing 9 (2467k) Imus Firing 10 (2976k) Imus Firing 11 (2636k) John and Ken Generalization Desk (303k) Anna Nicole Smith Coverage (365k) John and Ken Muslim Footbaths 07-31-07 (636k) Second Tier Private Parts 08-08-07 (115k) John and Ken News Humor Lacking 09-20-07 (201k) Obama Yes We Can 01-09-08 (67k) Tiger 911 Call 01-15-08 (625k) Martin Luther King Day Parade 01-21-08 (99k) Romeny Interview 02-01-08 (1077k) Obama Estrogen High 02-04-08 (524k) Obama Primary Night Speech 02-05-08 (346k) Snake Swallows Chihuahua 02-28-08 (84k) Brett Favre Retires 03-06-08 (262k) Lt Gov David Paterson 03-13-08 (195k) Ashley Dupre 03-14-08 (187k) Obama Reverend Wright Speech 03-18-08 (166k) John and Ken Venue Change 04-04-08 (117k) John and Ken Obvious Desk 05-24-08 (235k) John and Ken Angry Hillary Voter compare shutin1 06-02-08 (218k) John and Ken on Hillarys Voice 06-02-08 (409k) Hillary Voice Mellows 06-03-08 (113k) Tony Villar Does Seacrest 07-16-08 (79k) The N-Word and Broadcast Executives 07-17-08 (159k) Obama Flies to Iraq Coverage 07-18-08 (1024k) NPR Feature on Starving Fat Women 07-18-08 (525k) Obama Heckled 08-01-08 (590k) PETA and Hierarchy of Caring 08-23-08 (476k) Democrat Convention Unlikeable People 08-25-08 (239k) Palin Pregnancy Question 09-05-08 (140k) Steve Fossett Beat Down 10-02-08 (235k) John and Ken Pothole Crack 10-29-08 (153k) Obama Economic Transition Team 11-08-08 (107k) Colored President 11-13-08 (256k) Operah Mystery 11-15-08 (78k) Markets Closed 01-19-09 (57k) The Obama Package 01-29-09 (52k) John and Ken Skin Bacteria Desk 06-03-09 (300k) Sarah Palin Quitting 07-06-09 (310k) Michael Jackson Bubbles 07-07-09 (485k) John and Ken Gender Test 08-20-09 (212k) Obama Health Care Fog 09-08-09 (84k) Ken Reminisces about Old KFI 09-26-09 (159k) John and Ken MS Bikeathon Fundraising 09-28-09 (161k) Letterman Cant Help Himself 10-08-09 (690k) Hindu Belief Sensitivity 11-25-09 (275k) Tiger Woods Mistress 11-30-09 (157k) Terri Rae Awake 03-05-10 (99k) The Pink Pony 04-09-10 (90k) Woman Seeing Penis Sound 04-14-10 (92k) Innotation 11-03-10 (25k) Indonesia Periods 11-09-10 (176k)

Radio Japan clips

Family Atmosphere (32k) Corporate Downsizing (55k) Arsenic (21k) Categories (23k) News Hampered (133k) Deadpan Japanese Humor (91k) Bad Luck Story (57k) Backward Country Assistance (80k) Tourism Manners (49k) Global Warming (135k) Listener Music Request (105k) Traffic Injury Music (27k) Intestine Study Music (32k) Hotchkiss Dropped to the Carpet with a Dull Thud (11k) Senior Announcer Takehito Kobayashi Aug 11 1998 (1m, big!) Favorite Interviews: Bamboo Expert (825k) Favorite Interviews: Asia Cartoonist Expert (861k) Favorite Interviews: Economy Class Syndrome Expert (917k) Favorite Interviews: Mad Cow Expert I (%838k) Favorite Interviews: Mad Cow Expert II (823k) Favorite Interviews: Aeolian Dust (859k) Saying Barrel (99k) Saying Spiral (82k) Characteristics of Walmart (112k) Canadian Mad Cow Disease (51k) Enola Gay Display (105k) Robot Nursing Support (80k) Honorifics (15k) The Scrooge of Terrorism (42k) Japan Follows the Kerry Campaign (67k) Archipelago (compare Andrea Mitchell) and Electericity (90k) Onomatopoeia or something (246k) Iraq War Critic (15k) Chewing Expert (214k) Riot Control (44k) Celebrial Hemorrhage (19k) The Uertus (59k) Bad Luck Story II 06-08-08 (61k) Israel Started It (65k) Pork Barrel II 09-07-08 (40k)

Jean Shepherd

The Women Listeners Feb 2 1966 (781k) Shep kazoos his call : TEST CQ VV DE K2ORS Jan 6 1965 (57k) C.L.Sulzberger March 9 1966 (193k) Shepherd on Masculinity June 17 1963 (1165k) Shepherd on Masculinity text Shep on Hitler July 11 1963 (27k) Whip Inflation Now Jean Shepherd 12-18-74 (77k) C.L.Sulzberger and Newspapers April 19 1966 (178k) Shep NYT Ad Peter Bart 03-31-66 (73k)

Vicki Hearne Essay Excerpts

Degas and the Fallen Jockey at the Metropolitan The Tijuana Parrot Wittgenstein's Lion IQ Tests Powerful and Dangerous Theory and Horsemanship Women and Science Pit Bull Ghetto Dweller Astrology and James Thurber Docile Names Peace Pup Helpless Fluff Possession of Another Technical Question for My Daughter Oyez a Beaumont Dead Dogs Feminism Sadly What a GOOOOD Doggie Frog Fun Neutering Poetry Circus Gender Circus Hog Dog Breeding Humane Societies Clever Hans Bites Saint George and the Dragon The Media Stray Roundups Horses, Dogs and Schizophrenia and Autism Banality of Evil

James Thurber

The Quiet Type Soap Opera Formula


Wittgenstein, Cavell, Levinas on Religion Wittgenstein on Faith

Stanley Cavell

Dolls Definition of a Chair Abortion Opera Cynicism Baseball Privacy (Antony and Cleopatra) Suing in Court Monstrousness

William Empson

Courage She's Delicate

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

On Association Moral Calculator On Islam

Erving Goffman

Goffman on Apologies Goffman on the Merry Go Round Goffman on Institutional Underlife

Douglas Adams

News as Entertainment

William Kerrigan

News Anxiety English Department Political Correctness in the Dictionary

Emmanuel Levinas

On Heidegger and Hitlerism

Christian Schutze

Stenciled Speech for All Occasions (excerpt)

Edmond Jabes



Derrida The University Without Condition (Audio) Derrida On Religion (audio) Derrida On Terrorism (text) Derrida On Mallarme on Woman (text) Derrida Angry Letter by Quine (text) Derrida at the Library (text)


Barthelme on Female Aging Barthelme on Filler


Lautreamont Maldoror on Math Lautreamont Maldoror on Dung Beetles Lautreamont Speech to Schoolchildren

R. Emmett Tyrrell

Betty Friedan


Prodigal Son

John Gall

Orwell's Inversion: The War on Cancer

Thousand Words for Snow

Thousand Words for Sorrow

Imus Transcripts

Linda from Washington DC Rick Kaplan Hog Whittman The Rothwax Investigation II Rather and Princess Di The Marv Albert Impersonator Maureen Dowd Bashing Breen Replaces Marv Breen Cleveland Indians Heckler Barnicle on Diana and Media Self-Absorption Mike Breen replaces Marv Albert rumor The Tyson Motorcycle Wreck Cokie Roberts: The Cool Period Katie Couric comments The Lafeyette Park Square Massacre The Cronkite Russert report The Francesa Incident The Fred Campaign Tony Hendra Imagachi Toy The Bernie Investigation The Bernie Investigation, Conclusion after a Day of Thinking on it King Dome Caper Kinky on Mother Teresa Kurtz Report Laura Ingraham Lola Dudley Diana Lyrics-reading Maggie Williams Mitch from Tulare Andrea Mitchell Heart Attack Rumor Lori Morgan Reagan Rob Humiliation Can the Royals Survive Tim Russert & W.C. Fields ``The Bank Dick'' The Russert Coffee-Table Book Hump Geezinslaw Callback Paul Simon Capeman Interview I-swath Trump Stalker Wallace Goad Yuk I-witness Hillary Sympathy Card Phyllis Fred's Horse Fred Mayoral Race McCord Self-Edit Indian Subcontinent Genie Slanted News News Slant Thurber Soap Opera Whittaker Chambers The Truck Bet

Imus Exact Bumper List

Bumper cut list

Propagation: 660 kHz in Central Ohio (Imus Competition)

WFAN 660 New York City 471 miles (+15k) WLFJ 660 Greenville SC 353 miles (+23k) WMIC 660 Sandusky MI 234 miles (+13k) WXIC 660 Waverly OH 64 miles (+135k) KSKY (2002) 660 Dallas TX 926 miles (+32k) KSKY (2006) 660 Dallas TX 926 miles (32k) WDLT 660 Mobile AL 712 miles (67k) WFAN 660 at wintertime noon (42k) KFAQ 1170 Tulsa in Central Ohio at noon 800 miles (99k) KTNN 660 Window Rock AZ ``Voice of the Navajo Nation'' 1465 miles (65k) 660 at 05:34am 5 secs M-F through the year from June 16 2004 660 at 05:34am 5 secs M-F through the year reversed from June 16 2004 8:15am Jan 12 2006 WSCR 670 Chicago turns on IBOC over WFAN 660 (27k)

Propagation: 1210 kHz in Central Ohio

WPHT 1210 Philadelphia PA (15k) WSBI 1210 Static TN (8k) WDGR 1210 Dahlonega GA (23k) KOKK 1210 Huron SD (55k) KGYN 1210 Guymon OK (78k) WSKR 1210 Baton Rouge LA (42k) WDAO 1210 Dayton OH (38k) WJZZ 1210 Kingsley MI (6k)

Propagation: Clear Channel ``AM 740 Prime Time Radio'' (CHWO Toronto Ontario) in Central Ohio

Distance 300 miles nne Ohio Sunrise 07:47 Sunset 17:33
Daytime hourly news intros Jan 20 2001 08:00 thru 18:00 (189k) Public Service Announcement for their Over-50 Demographic (32k) Commentary on this (86k)

Propagation: M3.5 Xray Flare WRDW 1630 Augusta GA to Central Ohio Dropoff

Distance 454 miles Dec 24 2001 13:55 UTC
NOAA Xray Flux Table (text)
WRDW 13:55-13:57 UTC (audio) (133k)

Propagation: X1 Xray Flare Radio Japan 6120 Sackville Canada to Central Ohio Dropoff

Distance 1010 miles July 16 2004 10:38 UTC
NOAA Xray Flux Table (text)
Radio Japan 10:38:15-10:43:15 UTC (audio) (330k)

WFAN 660 Surfaces Twice in Visible Aurora Geomagnetic Storm Nov 10 2004

WFAN 660 05:42:00 to 05:46:00 Mysterious Surfacing (Normally loud like a local in Central Ohio) (265k)

Interesting Music

Tiffany Eckhardt Nino's Cafe 1999 from Chaos Music
Tiffany Eckhardt Looking for Signs 1997 (2) from or Angeltrain or Tiffany Eckhardt or Folktrax
Tiffany Eckhardt Girl Guitar (2) 1996 from
Tiffany Eckhardt Leap of Faith 2001 from
Tiffany Eckhardt Barefoot (3) 2003 from
Tiffany Eckhardt, Think about You (432k) Tiffany Eckhardt, Talk about (422k) Tiffany Eckhardt, Love (355k) Tiffany Eckhardt, Boyfriend (354k) Tiffany Eckhardt, I'll Be Home Today (328k) Tiffany Eckhardt, Down to the Sea (349k) Tiffany Eckhardt, He's Coming Home (349k) Tiffany Eckhardt, Silver and Gold (579k) Tiffany Eckhardt, Wounded Heart (548k)

Intelligent Bicyclist's Guide to Loud Bird Songs of Central Ohio

Panasonic RR-QR240 mostly lying unattended on ground
Tufted Titmouse 14:39 3-16-01 (42k)
Tufted Titmouse 15:55 3-16-01 (36k) ??Tufted Titmouse 16:04 3-20-01 (15k) Tufted Titmouse Song Switch 16:03 3-21-01 (47k) ??Tufted Titmouse 14:11 4-17-01 (52k) Song Sparrow 12:43 3-17-01 (15k) Song Sparrow 17:57 3-17-01 (20k) Hairy Woodpecker & Song Sparrow 17:46 3-20-01 (31k) Song Sparrow 15:27 3-22-01 (68k) Song Sparrow 15:35 3-22-01 (26k) Song Sparrow 15:54 3-22-01 (26k) Song Sparrow 14:49 3-23-01 (31k) Song Sparrow 15:05 3-23-01 (21k) Song Sparrow 15:09 3-23-01 (16k) Song Sparrow 11:03 3-24-01 (26k) Song Sparrow 15:15 3-28-01 (20k) Song Sparrow 15:29 3-28-01 (15k) Song Sparrow & Common Grackle 15:30 3-29-01 (20k) Song Sparrow 15:47 3-29-01 (26k) Song Sparrow 15:18 3-29-01 (36k) Song Sparrow 15:18 3-29-01 (20k) Song Sparrow 15:21 3-29-01 (130k) Song Sparrow 15:26 3-29-01 (42k) Song Sparrow 15:22 3-29-01 (57k) Song Sparrow 15:27 3-29-01 (26k) Song Sparrow 15:28 3-29-01 (42k) Song Sparrow 15:29 3-29-01 (20k) Song Sparrow 15:31 3-29-01 (52k) Song Sparrow 15:33 3-29-01 (47k) Song Sparrow and Red Winged Blackbird 15:36 3-29-01 (31k) Song Sparrow and Red Winged Blackbird 15:38 3-29-01 (26k) Song Sparrow 15:43 3-29-01 (36k) Song Sparrow 15:45 3-29-01 (21k) Song Sparrow 15:48 3-29-01 (21k) Song Sparrow 15:50 3-29-01 (26k) Song Sparrow 15:56 3-29-01 (52k) Song Sparrow, House Sparrow, Red Winged Blackbird and Cardinal 15:57 3-29-01 (62k) Song Sparrow 15:59 3-29-01 (21k) Red Winged Blackbird and Song Sparrow 16:06 3-29-01 (52k) Red Winged Blackbird and Song Sparrow 16:09 3-29-01 (36k) Song Sparrow 11:37 4-3-01 (26k) Mockingbird 15:10 3-18-01 (489k) House Finch 11:41 3-22-01 (21k) ?Red-Tailed Hawk 15:34 3-22-01 (73k) Cardinal 15:55 3-22-01 (73k) Tufted Titmouse and Starling 15:56 3-22-01 (57k) Robin 15:29 3-23-01 (42k) Mourning Dove 15:52 3-23-01 (36k) Blue Jay 11:02 3-24-01 (31k) Crow and Goldfinch 11:26 3-24-01 (57k) Goldfinch 11:27 3-24-01 (36k) Red Winged Blackbird 16:00 3-28-01 (15k) Red Winged Blackbird & Cardinal 15:36 3-29-01 (15k) Red-Winged Blackbird telephone imitator 14:02 4-10-01 (115k) Common Grackle 15:25 3-29-01 (20k) Red-Winged Blackbird 15:33 3-29-01 (88k) ?Carolina Chickadee 15:18 4-2-01 (10k) Doberman 15:18 4-2-01 (52k) Eastern Meadowlark 11:20 4-3-01 (31k) Eastern Meadowlark and Doberman and Robin 11:24 4-3-01 (104k) Carolina Chickadee 11:28 4-3-01 (31k) Brown-Headed Cowbird 12:12 4-4-01 (26k) Red-Bellied Woodpecker 16:28 4-5-01 (20k) Red-Bellied Woodpecker and Blue Jay 17:10 4-8-01 (41k) Red-Bellied Woodpecker 17:29 4-26-01 (26k) Red-Bellied Woodpecker 17:40 4-26-01 (20k) Starling 16:27 4-5-01 (47k) Eastern Meadowlark 15:37 4-6-01 (21k) Mockingbird and Field Sparrow 15:39 4-6-01 (47k) Canada Geese 15:40 4-6-01 (26k) Eastern Meadowlark 15:41 4-6-01 (15k) Cardinal and Field Sparrow and Eastern Meadowlark 15:42 4-6-01 (36k) Eastern Meadowlark and Field Sparrow twice 15:43 4-6-01 (115k) Eastern Meadowlark 11:30 4-10-01 (15k) Chipping Sparrows 10:52 4-10-01 (36k) Chipping Sparrow 10:54 4-10-01 (21k) Chipping Sparrow 11:30 4-10-01 (26k) Northern Flicker 10:57 4-10-01 (36k) Eastern Towhee 16:24 4-11-01 (20k) Eastern Towhee, concise 14:25 4-24-01 (20k) red-bellied woodpecker and belted kingfisher 14:33 4-13-01 (1043k big!) Red-bellied woodpecker, excerpt 14:33 4-13-01 (52k) Belted Kingfisher, excerpt 14:33 4-13-01 (52k) Unknown, excerpt 14:33 4-13-01 (57k) Yellow-Throated Vireo 14:09 4-23-01 (99k) ??Blue Jay? 14:11 4-23-01 (31k) House Wren 12:13 4-25-01 (156k) White-Breasted Nuthatch 17:47 4-26-01 (10k) Killdeer 17:27 4-26-01 (36k) Brown Thrasher 18:02 4-26-01 (162k) Cardinal inhaling 16:18 4-27-01 (78k) Downy Woodpecker 16:21 4-27-01 (36k) Red-Bellied Woodpecker 16:23 4-27-01 (10k) Red-Bellied Woodpecker 16:24 4-27-01 (21k) Downy Woodpecker, Red Bellied Woodpecker, Cardinal 16:28 4-27-01 (26k) Downy and Cardinal 16:29 4-27-01 (125k) Eastern Towhee 16:39 4-27-01 (52k) Northern Flicker 16:45 4-27-01 (26k) Northern Flicker 16:45 4-27-01 (15k) Eastern Towhee bob white song 16:49 4-27-01 (183k) Eastern Towhee bob white song 16:53 4-27-01 (94k) Hybrid? Chickadee and Cardinal 19:17 4-29-01 (47k) Carolina Wren 16:43 4-30-01 (36k) Carolina Wren and unknown animal 16:44 4-30-01 (47k) Red-Winged Blackbird 15:56 5-3-01 (52k) Eastern Meadowlark 16:05 5-3-01 (20k) Common Yellowthroat 16:16 5-3-01 (20k) Northern Oriole 16:28 5-3-01 (47k) Northern Oriole 16:39 5-15-01 (57k) Red-Eyed Vireo 16:29 5-4-01 (47k) Scarlet Tanager 16:42 5-4-01 (52k) Scarlet Tanager 18:59 5-5-01 (26k) Red-Eyed Vireos 16:52 5-4-01 (57k) American Redstart 16:50 5-4-01 (83k) American Redstart 18:57 5-5-01 (15k) Eastern Meadowlarks 16:56 5-4-01 (36k) Eastern Meadowlark 17:20 5-4-01 (47k) Rose-Breasted Grosbeak 18:31 5-5-01 (94k) Song Sparrow 18:18 5-5-01 (31k) Catbird and Rose-Breasted Grosbeak 18:43 5-5-01 (88k) Carolina Wren 17:47 5-6-01 (52k) American Redstart 18:03 5-6-01 (47k) Wood Thrush 19:03 5-6-01 (250k) Boeing 757 16:15 5-8-01 (78k) Catbird 18:01 5-10-01 (42k) Gray Tree Frog 18:03 5-10-01 (+31k) Yellow Warbler 14:02 5-13-01 (+21k) Gray Tree Frog 17:58 5-16-01 (+36k) Northern Oriole 11:01 5-23-01 (+62k) Eastern Phoebe 12:23 5-25-01 (+83k) Children Tormenting Each Other 12:28 5-25-01 (+78k) House Wren 13:47 5-27-01 (+21k) Common Yellowthroat 13:47 5-27-01 (+21k) House Wren 13:38 6-6-01 (+52k) Common Yellowthroat 13:38 6-6-01 (+26k) Northern Oriole 16:35 6-8-01 (+15k) Carolina Wren 17:31 6-10-01 (+47k) Chickadee, Tufted Titmouse and Red-Bellied Woodpecker 17:31 6-10-01 (26k) Mourning Dove 10:00 6-17-01 (+31k) Robin 10:16 6-17-01 (+73k) Juvenile Fledged Robin Wanting Food 15:12 6-24-01 (+73k) unknown pre-dawn singer 4:59 6-29-01 (78k) Song Sparrow with Loud Clear Notes 10:56 6-30-01 (+94k) Wood Thrush in rain 14:46 7-17-01 (+391k) Northern Flicker Call 14:39 7-19-01 (+73k) Blue Jay Hawk Call 13:54 7-20-01 (26k) Blue Jay Hawk Call 13:54 7-20-01 (62k) House Wren Scolding 18:26 7-28-01 (+62k) White-Breasted Nuthatch and Cicada 16:21 7-29-01 (+52k) Red-Tailed Hawk Juvenile 15:03 7-30-01 (63k) Carolina Wren 15:10 7-30-01 (+42k) Carolina Wren 15:33 8-1-01 (+83k) Crickets 21:54 8-2-01 (+52k) American Goldfinch 17:37 8-4-01 (+67k) Indigo Bunting 15:57 8-5-01 (136k) Indigo Bunting 16:08 8-5-01 (+67k) American Goldfinch 16:20 8-5-01 (+68k) Red-Tail Hawk Juvenile hunting, parent perched on tree watching 13:10 8-6-01 (+67k) Indigo Bunting 14:04 8-7-01 (+31k) American Goldfinch 20:36 8-8-01 (+68k) American Goldfinch 8:17 8-11-01 (+57k) Indigo Bunting 14:57 8-11-01 (+21k) Indigo Bunting 15:09 8-11-01 (+36k) Indigo Bunting 15:09 8-11-01 (+21k) same Indigo Bunting his call note 15:10 8-11-01 (+47k) crickets, two American Goldfinches, construction equipment and two bicyclists 16:09 8-11-01 (+94k) Barn Swallow 15:33 8-12-01 (+78k) Thunderstorm and Unhappy Doberman 22:19 8-18-01 (+156k) Nearby Cicada 12:38 8-19-01 (+130k) Grey Squirrel 15:49 8-21-01 (+31k) American Goldfinch 19:54 8-25-01 (+57k) Blue Jay, Red-Bellied Woodecker, Carolina Wren 15:01 9-10-01 (+36k) Red-Bellied Woodpecker, American Goldfinch 15:04 9-10-01 (+36k) Northern Flicker Call 11:56 9-22-01 (+36k) Red-Bellied Woodpecker 16:29 9-22-01 (+52k) American Goldfinches, White-Breasted Nuthatch, Killdeer 9:52 9-23-01 (+83k) Downy Woodpecker 17:06 9-28-01 (+31k) Red-Bellied Woodpecker 15:09 9-29-01 (+42k) Bike-Chasing Brown Dog Accepts Milkbone 15:10 9-29-01 (+42k) Grey Squirrel 16:31 9-30-01 (+31k) Robin 12:34 10-2-01 (73k) Carolina Wren (female call) 15:23 10-31-01 (52k) Carolina Chickadee 17:35 11-03-01 (+62k) Cardinal Waiting on Feeder 13:11 12-17-01 (+42k) Nuthatch and Carolina Chickadee 15:43 12-19-01 (+42k) Blue Jay Announcing Hawk 11:02 12-20-01 (+21k) House Sparrow 9:57 12-21-01 (+26k) Carolina Chickadees 12:44 12-22-01 (+99k) Red Bellied woodpecker 14:29 12-22-01 (21k) Crow Harassing Three-Legged Cat 13:28 01-02-02 (+42k) House Finch 16:07 01-22-02 (+42k) Tufted Titmouse and Carolina Chickadee 15:19 02-07-02 (+31k) Killdeer and Mourning Dove 13:39 02-23-02 (78k) Red-Winged Blackbird, Robin and Two Mourning Doves 17:59 02-23-02 (52k) Absolute First Morning Bird - Song sparrow sets off Killdeer 6:30 02-24-02 (151k) Third Morning Bird - Cardinal joins Song Sparrow and Killdeer 6:34 02-24-02 (104k) Fourth Morning Bird - Robin joins Song Sparrow 6:49 02-24-02 (136k) Tufted Titmouses and White Breasted Nuthatch 10:40 02-23-02 (+88k) Blue Jay and Robin 11:03 02-24-02 (67k) House Sparrow surprised eating seed in garage 10:57 03-03-02 (36k) Robin and Red-Bellied Woodpecker :10 03-09-02 (52k) Red-Bellied Woodpecker and Blue Jay :10 03-09-02 (52k) Frogs 15:17 03-13-02 (31k) Frogs and unknown bird 17:13 03-13-02 (47k) unknown and Eastern Meadowlark 17:15 03-13-02 (31k) Song Sparrow at window 11:20 03-20-02 (31k) Peafowl 13:26 03-26-02 (20k) Dark-Eyed Junco 11:51 03-28-02 (42k) President Bush and Northern Cardinal 11:07 04-4-02 (172k) ??Chickadee 15:18 04-4-02 (20k) Belted Kingfishers, Cardinal and Tufted Titmouse 14:25 04-16-02 (67k) Eastern Meadowlark 11:37 04-13-02 (57k) Eastern Meadowlark 16:07 04-14-02 (52k) Eastern Towhee 14:54 04-15-02 (20k) Red-Winged Blackbird and Eastern Meadowlark 14:56 04-18-02 (20k) Red-Winged Blackbird and Eastern Meadowlark 14:56 04-18-02 (26k) Eastern Meadowlark 14:54 04-18-02 (31k) Brown Thrasher 16:00 05-03-02 (57k) White-crowned Sparrow 14:52 05-04-02 (57k) American Redstart 14:39 05-05-02 (20k) Tree Swallow 18:32 05-05-02 (47k) Yellow-Throated Vireo 11:16 05-06-02 (104k) Yellow Warbler 14:45 05-07-02 (15k) Field Sparrow 15:00 05-07-02 (26k) Yellow Warbler 15:05 05-07-02 (15k) American Redstart 15:12 05-07-02 (15k) American Redstart 15:13 05-07-02 (16k) Amtrack and Yellow Warbler 15:15 05-08-02 (78k) Yellow Warbler 15:16 05-08-02 (26k) White-Eyed Vireo 12:15 05-10-02 (62k) Northern Parula and Common Yellowthroat 15:16 05-11-02 (88k) Northern Parula and White-Eyed Vireo 11:15 05-12-02 (130k) Catbird 11:27 05-18-02 (52k) Yellow-Throated Vireo 14:46 05-18-02 (78k) White-Eyed Vireo 15:27 05-25-02 (57k) Indigo Bunting 13:53 05-28-02 (15k) Eastern Wood-Pewee 14:19 05-29-02 (67k) Northern Oriole and Indigo Bunting 14:20 05-30-02 (203k) Indigo Bunting 14:22 05-30-02 (73k) Indigo Bunting 15:00 05-31-02 (63k) Black and White Warbler? 15:20 06-02-02 (73k) Carolina Wren Downslur 13:26 06-03-02 (57k) Willow Flycatcher 21:31 06-09-02 (177k) Yellow Breasted Chat and Field Sparrow 15:20 07-03-02 (172k) Yellow Breasted Chat and Field Sparrow 15:22 07-03-02 (188k) Chipping Sparrow and Chipping Sparrow Chicks 10:02 07-06-02 (42k) Chipping Sparrow Chicks Being Fed 10:03 07-06-02 (78k) Robin, Doberman sniffing for mouse, Chipping Sparrow 9:31 07-07-02 (52k) Chimney Swifts 9:34 07-07-02 (26k) Eastern Bluebird 17:46 07-07-02 (313k) unknown 14:42 08-08-02 (183k) Eastern Meadowlark 11:50 03-16-03 (110k) Song Sparrow 10:59 03-16-03 (26k) ?Eastern Meadowlark or Starling doing one 13:01 04-06-03 (104k) Unknown 17:34 04-18-03 (42k) Mourning Dove 10:38 04-19-03 (31k) Tufted Titmouse and Northern Oriole 10:58 05-01-03 (62k) Tufted Titmouse 14:24 05-08-03 (42k) Rose-Breasted Grosbeak 13:50 05-15-03 (42k) Red-Eyed Vireo 13:50 05-15-03 (47k) Yellow-Breasted Chat 13:51 05-15-03 (26k) Yellow-Breasted Chat 13:52 05-15-03 (26k) Scarlet Tanager 15:03 05-14-03 (21k) Yellow-Rumped Warbler 16:20 05-13-03 (52k) Field Sparrow? 16:10 05-17-03 (26k) unknown 16:10 05-17-03 (52k) Northern Oriole 11:35 05-26-03 (36k) White-Eyed Vireo 16:48 05-30-03 (42k) White-Eyed Vireo 16:47 05-30-03 (15k) Willow Flycatcher 12:55 06-02-03 (57k) Indigo Bunting 13:51 06-09-03 (73k) Peafowl 13:52 06-09-03 (36k) Tufted Titmouse and Eastern Towhee 14:51 06-23-03 (47k) Eastern Towhee 14:52 06-23-03 (36k) White-Eyed Vireo 18:25 07-06-03 (15k) Broad-winged Hawk 07:45 08-03-03 (13k) unknown bird(?) 11:19 08-06-03 (21k) unknown bird 09:46 09-06-03 (21k) Wide-Interval Robin : 02-27-04 (115k) Rose-Breasted Grosbeak 17:51 05-9-04 (78k) Eastern Towhee 17:50 05-9-04 (47k) White-eyed Vireo 17:51 05-9-04 (62k) Resident Northern Oriole 17:00 05-10-04 (125k) Northern Bob White 18:05 05-26-04 (94k) Fledgling Robin imitating Phoebe 11:30 05-28-04 (42k) Willow Flycatcher 13:03 05-31-04 (47k) Common Yellowthroat 12:09 07-11-04 (26k) Common Yellowthroat 12:10 07-11-04 (21k) Red Winged Blackbird triple note 10:31 07-18-04 (344k) Chickadee 15:06 02-5-05 (188k) Chickadee Proof 07:33 02-6-05 (188k) Sharpie Grabs Starling, and Blue Jay, Crow, Neighbor Dog Alarm 12:03 02-19-05 (417k) White-Throated Sparrow 9:40 05-1-05 (42k) White-Throated Sparrow 9:40 05-1-05 (31k) White-Throated Sparrow 9:43 05-1-05 (36k) White-Throated Sparrow 9:48 05-1-05 (130k) Mysterious Event at 4am Robin alarm and Mourning Dove takeoff 4:00 05-7-05 (19k) Eastern Phoebe 15:20 5-30-05 (47k) Eastern Wood-Pewee 11:46 6-4-05 (52k) White-eyed Vireo 11:47 6-6-05 (31k) 4am Rooster 4:20 6-29-05 (31k) Fledgling Goldfinch 16:04 9-24-05 (52k) Eastern Screech Owl 03:10 10-16-06 (142k) Northern Oriole 2:58 05-21-97 (49k) Lower Register Robin 17:45 07-28-07 (30k) Mockingbird Doing Cardinal 11:40 09-02-16 (24k) First Chipping Sparrow 09:05 04-12-09 (15k)

Self-Referential Sentences

Self-Referential Sentences


Resisting the News Biz

My First Programming Assignment (1963)

An early indication that Something Was Wrong. Paul Jensen, who taught the course the next year, kept this listing, and found it in his stuff in the 80s or 90s, and mailed it to me. So it wound up in my house, that being a top drawer bottom, and so I can reproduce it here, having stumbled into it just now.

It's run on an IBM 7090 (note only 3 index registers) under BESYS4.

Parity Problem page 1 , Parity Problem page 2 , Parity Problem page 3 , Parity Problem page 4 , Parity Problem page 5 ,

Ubuntu Linux on a Dell Inspiron 2200

Problem with default install of Ubuntu 5.04 on Dell Inspiron 2200 : it all works but the screen finally comes up blank.

Fix : type alt-ctrl-F1 to get a terminal window
	sudo   ed   /etc/X11/xorg.conf
	sudo  shutdown  -h  now

(sudo will ask for your password) and reboot the machine.

The Hop Square Covering Problem

The Hop Square Covering Problem

The The Binary Green-Space Problem

The Binary Green Problem - Horiz and Vertical
The Binary Green Problem - Diagonal and Antidiagonal
The Binary Green Problem - Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonal and Antidiagonal
The Binary Green Problem - Horizontal and Vertical, symmetric in 0 and 1
The Binary Green Problem - Horizontal and Vertical, both 1 and zero need space
The Binary Green Problem - Horizontal and Vertical, Every Cell With Exactly One Adjacent Zero
The Binary Green Problem - Horizontal and Vertical, Every Cell With Exactly Two Adjacent Zeros
The Binary Green Problem - Horizontal and Vertical, Every Cell Equals the Sum of Neighbors Mod 2
The Binary Green Problem - Horizontal and Vertical, Every Cell Equals One Minus the Sum of Neighbors Mod 2 (discovery: this is called the lights out puzzle) , The Same only with X's instead of 1's

Birds Gotta Fly

Birds Gotta Fly Thesaurus Extrapolations

RSA Challenge Numbers (preserved after challenge withdrawal)

RSA Challenge Numbers
Warner Wolf Says Larnyx 09-30-09 (52k) Mel Gibson Call Next Morning 07-30-10 (306k) Armstrong and Getty 9/11 as Entertainment 09-13-10 (67k) Pink Panther 2006 08-06-10 (38k)